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: Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 10:59

Paypal is not helping me

I would like to bring it to your notice the unresolved case of mine, thanks to the inefficiency of PayPal. As desired, I had provided PayPal with my Permanent Account No. (PAN) allotted to me correctly, approximately SIX MONTHS AGO. I had also uploaded a jpg file containing the PAN No. on to its website. But PayPal continues to mention against my account that my PAN No. is invalid. This PAN No. is accepted by the Income Tax Dept and also for other financial/legal matter. Because of this remark by PayPal, I am NOT in a position to receive payment thro’ PayPal for translation services I rendered from India for a foreign agency (that pays only thro’ PayPal). Further, I’m not in a position to receive any work from foreign agencies because of the limitation imposed by PayPal. My umpteen mails to PayPal have fallen to deaf ears. In fact, they have stopped responding to my mails. I would, therefore, request you to use your good offices to resolve the issue.

Submitted By:: Mr. Ray

Location-: India

One thought on “Paypal is not helping me
  1. Indy 2200 on

    You need to just look elsewhere for services. My checkout page was down for 16 hours and all paypal could say was that they were experiencing technical difficulties – what a load of poop! Because of their error I lost out on some big time bucks. It’s always good to have a backup company to work with.

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