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: Monday, March 19, 2012, 14:38

Paypal is holding my money for NON-eBay sales

I buy/sell and trade cloth diapers online through spots corner, diaperswappers and facebook. Sounds lame, yes, but my son wears cloth diapers and there is a big market for this. I’ve sold many diapers and wool pants recently and paypal started holding my funds. I called and spoke with a CS in December and he told me that if I made 250.00 worth of sales it would stop holding my funds. I met that amount and they stopped holding my funds. Fastforward to this past week and they’ve started holding my funds again. I have 300.00 sitting in paypal that I can’t touch until they deem it is okay. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay and I’ve been a member since June 2005. I always upload tracking information and I’ve never had a dispute open against me in paypal. I have 100% positive feedback on the cloth diapering groups I frequent on facebook as well as on diaperswappers and spots corner. Let’s not forget these aren’t even ebay sales. I called again and spoke with someone who told me that while I have 100% positive ebay feedback since I only have 2 ebay sales in the past 2 months that they will continue to hold my money.. for NON-Ebay sales. What a fucking joke. I told her I wanted them to release my money and close my account and she refused to do it. I am so fed up.

Submitted By:: Lilly McAdams

Location-: Sacramento, California

One thought on “Paypal is holding my money for NON-eBay sales
  1. Collin on

    Hey Guys, I know it’s been a few months since you posted on a forum, but I started doing some research last week about Paypal holding funds and contacted a lawyer. I too am being burned by the “Paypal Holding Funds” ordeal. I have excellent feedback and Ebay claims they are holding it because in December, one person put 1 star for my shipping and handling charges. I have been shipping everything free for months and have no reason to be punished. I have called ebay and paypal back and forth, over and over and nothing changes. Are you still having issues? I am stepping up and doing something about it. Let me know if want more information. The lawyer I am working with has offices in Houston, Dallas, NYC, Seattle, and Los Angeles. My email is

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