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: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 9:46

PayPal is holding my money because of false dispute

Twice now I have been a victim of Paypal’s unethical, immoral and likely illegal practices!

The first time I was selling items on eBay and had satisfied customers. Not one complaint from any customer about any of my auctions or items. I was a victim of criminal activity in that I had a buyer try to fraud me by purchasing items with a bogus account with a stolen credit card. Paypal immediately froze all of my money and locked down my account. They treated me as if I did something wrong even though I cooperated fully with them through the entire investigation. I never did get my money back.

The second time was today! I opened a 2nd Paypal account because I had just a few items to sell on ebay and Paypal is really the only way to sell anything on ebay anymore. Well, I sold a computer processor in an auction and to make a long story short, the buyer decided that he should have also received a cooling fan with the processor. I didn’t advertise the processor as having a cooling fan but the buyer filed a dispute anyway claiming that the item wasn’t as described even though it was exactly what was described. Paypal illegally withdraws $155.33 out of my bank account to “hold” until this bogus dispute is resolved. Now I’ve done nothing wrong again and I’m out another $155.33 to Paypal and their unethical and illegal practices.

Submitted By:: Scott

Location-: Texas

2 thoughts on “PayPal is holding my money because of false dispute
  1. Tessa on

    Scott I read something interesting today that may explain why you lost your disputes. In the case of a dispute paypal states that they “investigate”. I thought, as I think many people would agree, that PayPal was investigating who was right and who was wrong in the transaction disputed. That is not the case if what I read today is true; PayPal is only looking in to whether you qualify for the seller protection. They could care less in who is right and who is wrong. Then they’ll come up with some BS reason why the seller protection did not cover you and YOU LOSE!

  2. Chase on

    I must agree with Tessa. They only look out forthemselves. They don’t care who they screw over. There is other compnaies that can be use on Ebay besides paypal. I’ve learned this personally as I also sell on Ebay and was SCREWED over by paypal. I went to this site It was a simple and quick application process and I was approved within 2 days and have been working with them for over 6 months now, with no problems at all.

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