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: Monday, March 26, 2012, 13:57

Paypal is costing me a fortune in overdraft fees

Small as it may be to others, since November 2011, Paypal has cost me over $175.00. They access my savings account w/out permission or warning and then keep attacking it. Each time it costs me $25.00 in over draft fees. All total it so far has cost me $175.00. And they are now starting on my debit card. Where does it end and how can I stop them from stealing money that I don’t even have.

Submitted By:: Johnny Woods

Location-: Michigan

2 thoughts on “Paypal is costing me a fortune in overdraft fees
  1. Lauren Cockier on

    Paypal is a horrible company point blank. I never even signed up for services, I was a victim of fraud and they refused to help me. I logged onto my checking account one day to find a plethora of unauthorized transactions. My bank said they were all debits from paypal. I called paypal and explained that my information was being used fraudulently and they just would not believe me. My bank ended up fixing the errors but it took weeks and when you live pay check to pay check that can be devastating.
    $175 is a lot of money and you don’t deserve to have it taken from right under your nose. You need to contact the bank and have them help out. Lord only knows what they will go after next – really, I mean how did they even manage to gain access to your savings account?!

  2. Eric on

    same here but my fees are $36.00 each and then my bank account t ries to drafte from my savings when the funds aren’t covered causing another $36.00m so $72.00 everytime paypal accesses my bank without permission

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