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: Wednesday, April 24, 2013, 13:56

Paypal is closing my account and holding my money

I am running a virtual game server and using paypal as payment method. Because it’s a e-business i wanted to keep my identity private, since paypal does not give a option to do this. I wanted to keep it private so me or my family wouldn’t get spammed via facebook or a different social media site. 2 Months ago before starting my server i changed 2 letters of my name to keep my identity private, thinking that it couldn’t do any harm… But now they blocked my 6 year old paypal account, because i had surpassed the yearly income limit. I had to send personal information for getting rid of the block. So i did it but then they started about the name issue (because 2 letters were not correct) so i send them a name change request again. Now they didn’t change my name. Also don’t remove the block and if this is not enough they blacklisted me taking hold of the money on the account, and not opening the block after calling them like 5 times, and explaining the issue to them.. So now i have around 2K euro’s on my account and can’t do anything with it. And they also tell me that they don’t want to do any business with me anymore

Submitted By:: Vega

Location-: EU


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