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: Wednesday, January 4, 2012, 11:51

Paypal Is A Scammers Paradise

I’ve had many stories through the years. The latest is someone purchased something from me, said they didn’t receive it, tracking number wasn’t updated, refunded his money and told him to put ‘Return to Sender’ on it if it showed. Found out he had it all the time, refused to pay or return it. Paypal is quick to take sellers money over ANY little thing, but won’t help me get my money back from this jerk. I have a friend in New York who went to the guys shop and saw my item priced 8 times the selling price in his store. Nice. OH and he has private feedback. I found a way to see his feedback he’s left and every 3-5 transactions, he leaves negative. I did get my negative removed.

Submitted By:: Dawn

Location-: Tulsa OK


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