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: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 13:46

Paypal is a joke

Is it just me or is PayPal becoming a joke? I have always loved being able to use one source for online purchases and have even made decisions to not purchase something from a website that didn’t use PayPal.

Lately I have become discouraged. In just the last two weeks I have had issues with my verified account that has me wondering what has happened to the once efficient business. In one case they post charges to the wrong account and according to them I screwed up and there is nothing they can do and in another I’m still not even sure what happened because in talking to the Non-English speaking support person from who knows where, I got at least 3 different stories as to what happened and I could tell he was reading from a script anyway and could also tell his main goal was to get me off the phone so he could get back to doing whatever he was doing before I called. After finally convincing him to escalate my issue, I did just what PayPal wants and hung up after waiting on the line for what seemed an eternity.

It’s the same old story. A business starts up with good intensions and ends up failing miserably for a variety of reasons; becoming too big and not properly managing the mass of employees; being bought by someone more interested in money; being sold for the same reason; outsourcing to some third world country where the support person on the other end, no matter how hard working they may be for the pittance they earn, doesn’t know the meaning of the word, is. Not to mention the fact that their website is one of the worst developed sites on the internet today. It makes me wonder if the development of it is a junior high school project.

I guess it is time to look for another online payment system. Anyone got any good ones they have used?

Submitted By:: SAG

Location: Illinois

One thought on “Paypal is a joke
  1. Amanda Pina on

    Pay pals website is indeed a joke. It is filled with broken promises and false advertisement…. my favorite one is on their home page at the top when it claims : The world’s most loved way to pay and get paid……. YEAH RIGHT!!!!

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