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: Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 15:57

Paypal in Dublin are rude bastards

Paypal limted my account with £1700 in it, i had 100% feedback on ebay and no one complained, ebay took it onto themselves to send out emails to all my buyers telling them that i am a fraudulent seller and that the item i had sent them was fake, i then received 40 disputes from customers stating that they wanted to return the item because paypal and ebay had told them that the item was fake and that they wanted a refund, i disputed all of them but eventually had to refund £500 worth of stuff as the customers were not budging and wanted a refund. i have written and phoned paypal on various occasions and have been accused of fraud and was asked by paypal why i had made certain payments to certain companies, like it is any of their business and kept on stating that i was fraud and that they did not want to have my business anymore, £1700 is still in my account and i have to wait until 15th may 2012 to get it, while they earn the lovely interest on it for six months, fuck paypal and fuck ebay, they need to get shut down, spoke to financial ombudsman and they said they cannot do anything as paypal are based in luxembourg, i cannot be asked anymore

Submitted By:: nina241

Location-: birmingham uk


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