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admin : Thursday, December 26, 2013, 14:22

Paypal is probably going to ignore my proof

Hi, my name is Vlad, I have met this person via an diablo 3 trading site where i traded my artefact for his 50 euros. In return for this fair trade, he made me an offer, i would buy diablo 3 gold for him from 3rd party sites and he would give me little tips for my trouble like ~40-50 euros per transaction. On 3 dec he sent 400 euros, and i bought the gold from the sites he told me. I have delivered the gold to him in diablo 3 every time, so i’ve done my part of the bargain. After this we’ve made 3 more trades with no problems, he always sent me the money and i would buy the gold from sites and give it to him.

Now he is abusing the sistem and trying to scam me by opening disputes on all transactions he made and getting his money back. He allready won a dispute for 400 euros that finished in less than 15 hours, where paypal says it takes at least 7 days to look into. I’m trying to appeal the case but of course there is no appeal button (even though the 10 days limit didn’t past). If he wons all the disputes, i will have to pay ~ 1000 euros, and i can’t even dream of these money, i’ve just finished collage and still looking for a job and i don’t want to pay since i’ve done my part of trade. I’ve wrote some emails to paypal, but no feedback of course. I can’t call them on the Customer Service because i’m from Romania and my english it’s not so good in this matters.

I have some screenshots and the skype conversations with this guy, where date and hour correspunds exactly with the time he sent me the money, and he saying that the trade was completed, i’ve put those in evidance when he opened dispute but i dont even think paypal watch those.

If anyone can give me any advice it is most welcomed.


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