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: Friday, September 21, 2012, 13:08

PayPal Horror

I have had a seriously long and HORRIBLE relationship with paypal AND ebay and they are both my enemies for life and I wish to put them out of business permanently!!! The latest offence I have suffered is basically the same as the rest… they have decided that they think I am someone else who owes them from 2006 and now apparantly 2010 also… Anyways I recently opened yet another paypal account to just send money for ebay stuff (BTW I can help everyone who wishes to HURT these bastards with how to do it and spread the practice far and wide!) and I made payments totalling 2500 bucks from sept 5th to the 9th. I opened a new bank account, I even got a special visa card for the paypal cunts. Then out of the blue I have my account frozen yet again on gthe 14th and by the grace of GOD I was able to call them up and goad a supervisor into pushing through ALL but 2 of the suspended payments (totaling 2500 remember). The last two payments totaled 573.00 Canadian and were supposed to clear on the 17th, (yesterday) so last night when I logged in to make sure that they had, I find out they have been ‘cancelled’ and the funds have been transferred to my paypal balance which I have no access to !! So they have frozen my money (and I filled out their questionaire as to how I have no connection to this 700 buck in arrears account fr0m 2010) and I cannot get it for 6 months!! They are out and out thieves!!! I suggest that every BUYER out there try to offer every seller to cancel the transaction and complete the sale through the mail OR even using paypal still if you havent got the guts to send money through the post ( I send over 1000 at times) as a gift for personal use which costs a fraction of the fees!! This will undermine the companies completely and allow people to begin to TRUST each other and build closer relationships and return to how we did business in the past!! I have NEVER been ripped off by a seller no matter what their feedback was !! When you are trusting up front 99% of people will HONOUR their responsibilities!!

Submitted By:: Sean

Location-: Canada

2 thoughts on “PayPal Horror
  1. Ziggy on

    My funds have been on hold for 147 days, yes counting every , and I have officially surrendered to paypal. I have been so angry about this (still am)and I have yelled and screamed, try to sweet talk but the reps I get on the phone just don’t seem to give a shit. I am not going to have a heart attack over this so now I am just waiting for my money

  2. Damo on

    Hi I bought an item on Ebay that didnt work. My experience is I lodged a dispute with paypal for a refund and theyasked questions like I was making it up. I even had msgs from the seller who agreed to refund in msg only. I showed them this but they couldnt care less, I knew then that its not your money they care about but itas the comissions they accumulate in every sale. Refunds dont make Paypal money simple thats why their hesitant

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