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: Tuesday, January 8, 2013, 13:43

Paypal Horrible Dispute Decision

I bought a phone on ebay from a ebay seller He listed on ebay that this phone was only used for couple hours and and used the basic list on ebay “Used”. When I received this phone it was damaged, scratches so I filed dispute with paypal that the phone was not as described. After a month paypal decided to put the favor on the seller so I called them asked them why they put on seller’s favor, they told me that because the seller listed as “Used” so they just follow the information that ebay was using??? I’m like what the hell??? First of all paypal didn’t even have the product and they didn’t even know how the hell the product looks like and how do they used that basic information that ebay using to make a decision???? Seller clearly stated in the description that “The phone was only used couple hours and in perfection condition” but paypal doesn’t care they only use the basic information that ebay using to make decision. Paypal and ebay are pretty much scam and fraudulant company so I lost $665 for this damaged phone from this untruthful seller. So now I’m filling charge back with my credit card company which is “bill me later” which is part of Paypal company, hopefully i get my money back for this JUNK phone. So this is my horrible story about this DAMN SELLER and PAYPAL(EBAY).

Submitted By:: Ty

Location-: NY


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