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: Thursday, August 25, 2011, 8:58

Paypal holds money and customer service dishonest

Paypal decided to place a 21 day hold on my funds. The 1st time I called and was told that this hold is a new policy that applies to everyone and because I am fairly new it applies to me. I have had my e-bay/paypal account for over 5 years.

2nd call about the hold I was told to update my credit card so I did and it was not released.

3rd time I sent an e-mail and was told that as soon as the package was delivered it would be released. The package was delivered last week.

I always ship packages the next day, always have and always purchase confirmation on shipping. I have no open disputes or open cases. There is something goin on with the way they conduct their business and It is not right to hold peoples money. I told them if it was not released by this week I am closing my account with e-bay and paypal and start trading on craigslist.

This is very frustrating and unprofessional. I don’t like being lied too.

Submitted By:: Sheryl

Location: Highland, Indiana

3 thoughts on “Paypal holds money and customer service dishonest
  1. Rachal on

    I have officially quit Paypal because of payment holds. They lie when you call then treat you like trash. It would be nice if everyone would close their accounts and show them they can’t put hold on our money like that.

  2. Kafue on

    I too had this 21 day hold put on my account although I have had 100% positive feedback and have met all the other criteria (e.g. more than 25 sales, more than $250 sold etc).
    In one case the “estimated payment date” simply showed as “unavilable.” For this item the purchaser had already given feedback showing the item had been received by him more than 3 days earlier … still the money is “unavailable.”

    So I cancelled one item I had already sol and for which I was waiting payment confirmation and removed the listing for a few other items.

    Once the payment for the four items already sold is released, I will close the Ebay and PayPal accounts. Who needs this? I rreally don’t need some minimum wage PayPal employee making decisions about my money while I hope I get a pat on the head and an allowance from money that is mine.

  3. dave on

    Paypal holds funds to benefit from the interest,
    There help line is useless and their email does not even allow you to complain.
    there should be a special place in hell for these people

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