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admin : Thursday, October 28, 2010, 19:33

PayPal Holding Money From Ebay Auction

I sold some items on ebay for $611.95 plus 20.00 for the shipping charges. The buyer payed through paypal, and paypal put a 21 day hold on the money until the item shipped and was received by the buyer.

So i shipped the items as quickly as possible, and they were received by the buyer two days later. It cost me $9.45 over my original shipping estimate just to get it to him faster so that PayPal would release my funds.

I have e-mailed the buyer three times to give him the tracking information and to request he post feedback so that PayPal will release the payment to me. After no response I tried calling him on the phone but no answer, so I left the buyer voicemail explaining the situation.

I have called paypal twice to let them know the item has shipped, and provided tracking numbers. I still have not been able to get them to release the money. I Have a perfect record with paypal on buying and selling, always sending items sold and paying for items bought. But after this experience I will never have any dealings with them, and will close my account as soon as my money is released and in my bank.

Submitted By Larry Holloran From Eugene, Oregon USA

2 thoughts on “PayPal Holding Money From Ebay Auction
  1. Anonymous on

    Ebay says they are holding my money through paypal for 21 days because I am not a power seller. I have a 100% positive feedback and have been on ebay for almost 9 years. They say they are trying to get people to sell more stuff on Ebay or they will hold your money. If you list on Ebay and it does not sell they will still get their fee and you are out money but they don’t care. This is the biggest scam on Ebay to date.

  2. ackite on

    Please write the NY TImes business section consumer advocate and tell him about this. He’s investigating it now. Please don’t barrage him with other Paypal issues. This is just about a sudden withholding on your account even tho you have a perfect, long-term record with the combined corporation of eBay-Paypal.

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