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: Monday, April 16, 2012, 10:33

PayPal holding funds for bogus buyer dispute

I had a SNAD (Significantly Not as Described) case on a brand-new, unsealed item (THREE weeks after receiving it and leaving POSITIVE feedback) and PP immediately put a “temporary hold” on my funds, putting my PP account in the negative. At around that same time, I received a payment for another item, but as usual, those funds aren’t available until the buyer receives it and leaves positive feedback.

I am so furious that ebay sided with the buyer (who admitted to damaging the brand-new item while it was in her possession for THREE weeks) that I closed my bank account tied to PP and removed all my listings from ebay. So am I correct that PP will just “take” the funds from the other item I sold, once available, to resolve the negative balance, and there will be nothing more I can do about it, except maybe appeal if/when I get the item back damaged? Any info would be appreciated.

Submitted By:: Mindy Lehman

Location-: Wichita, Kansas

2 thoughts on “PayPal holding funds for bogus buyer dispute
  1. kain on

    as a seller you always loose with paypal. yes, paypal can and will help themselves to your money if they think you owe them. Paypal typically give you some time to pay the negative balance but I think after 42 days of a negative balance they pay themselves.

  2. Carley on

    Paypal will take your money and run. Ive washed my hands with paypal after having them hold my funds for 180 days even with positive feed back. I never had a complaint from a customer yet they gave me some bullshit excuse as to why my funds were held. I’ve since opened a new merchant account. Try merchantinc I’ve been with them for over a year now and am very pleased

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