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: Friday, September 23, 2011, 21:02

PayPal Holding Funds for 21 Days, PayPal Gets Paid Day of Sale

I have been buying and selling on Ebay off and on since 2006. Recently I decided to sell a couple of items. The first two transactions went through with no problem. My funds were available immediately. At the time I still had 5 items for sale. I received a email from PayPal letting me know that there will be a 21 day hold placed on all future sales.

Sure enough I sold an item that day and the funds are “pending”. I thought this was a little strange since I have 60+ positive reviews and 0 negative reviews. I called PayPal to express my displeasure. I was told that this applies to everyone and there is nothing they can do about it. I then asked why there was not a 21 day hold on the PayPal fees and why PayPal was getting paid before I was. I was told that is there policy.

So, a seller can sell pay shipping, pay Ebay, and pay PayPal and the buyer gets their product right away- but the seller does not get paid for 21 days. What is the benefit of using PayPal again?

Submitted By:: Corey

Location: USA

One thought on “PayPal Holding Funds for 21 Days, PayPal Gets Paid Day of Sale
  1. Lee Pettit on

    I sold a tool box 11/14/14 on Ebay with local pick up because it weighed 450# my buyer paid for it on 11/14/14 and came and picked it up on 11/18/14 he put feedback on Ebay on 11/19/14 saying he had received it but Pay Pal has held my money and wont release it until 12/04/14 at 11 pm pacific time then they can take from 3 to 5 business days to send my money even thou Pay Pal got their money on 11/14/14 when I called them they have one excuse after another even thou Ebay showed it as delivered since 11/19/14 they have $1700 dollars of my money making interest on it. I WILL NEVER USE THIS RIPOFF COMPANY AGAIN TO RECIEVE MONEY AGAIN

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