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admin : Monday, June 30, 2014, 13:48

PayPal Holding onto Data (personal info)

I hadn’t used paypal in a very long time. They put it on limited status. Which is fine I never use it nor have the need.

With this status I cannot remove my personal data. Addresses, debit cards, bank accounts etc… I want to close account and erase my data. I do not want them to have it. Most of it is outdated.

I did a little research:

#. Right to change or remove your details If you discover that a data controller has details about you that are not factually correct, you can ask them to change or, in some cases, remove these details.
Similarly, if you feel that the organisation or person does not have a valid reason for holding your personal details or that they have taken these details in an unfair way, you can ask them to change or remove these details.
In both cases, you can write to the organisation or person, explaining your concerns or outlining which details are incorrect. Within ## days, the organisation must do as you ask or explain why they will not do so.

Can they legally do this? Hold my information forever?


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