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: Monday, April 2, 2012, 10:31


I had made a purchase for a 4&1/2 carat ring on 9/8/2011, when the ring arrived I tried on the ring and it was too big for me so I had emailed Flouria (the seller) and she told me to send it back. The next morning I had sent item under USPS lock and keys (where it doesn’t go out with reg delivery mails) and purchased upto 4000.00 insurance for the safety of the ring.
On 9/13/2011 Flouria stated she got a completely different ring and the item I sent her had a 0.80ct princess cut center and what she recieved was a different ring with a 0.30ct princess cut center. I had filed with Paypal.
Flouria changed her story with paypal and said it was the same ring but replaced the .80ct princess cut stone with a .30ct
princess cut stone. A .30ct stone is only about 1/3 of the original size. There is no way a smaller .30ct stone will fit into a larger 80ct setting. This is in essence putting a raisin into a opening made for a grape. It is too big and the stone would fall out. The only way for me to have sent her back a ring with such a small stone would require me to have the entire setting redone. That would entail removing all of the surrounding stones and recreating the setting to
hold a smaller center stone and then re-setting all of the stones.
There is no jeweler that can re-create and then re-set an entire ring in under a day. Flouria on the other hand has had this ring for WEEKS now.
She is the only one who would have had enough time to reset the stone .

This went into appeals 3 times. The first two times Paypal ruled in my favor because she couldn’t provide the documents needed including the police reports. She appealed the decision again which gave her additional 10 days to provide the documents and still could not provide, and paypal ruled in my favor. The third time she appealed which gave her another 10 days she got the documentation. Why would it take her one month for her to get the documentation and the police report and feel I can reset a entire setting in less than a day.
I am outraged that despite my full cooperation with all of PayPal’s policies and directions, they have continually refused to return my messages and telephone calls after promising to do so when I call in or write, and given me misinformation time and time again. I am requesting that PayPal return the balance of 2773.13 into my account that was caused by PayPal’s errors
(case 001-486-388-669)
I want to continue being a member of PayPal, but making it extremely difficult for me to do so when they make promises to rectify your errors and then renege on. In effect, they are refusing to provide any buyer protection at all from fraudulent claims by sellers who can claim anything they want, and you don’t require any proof from them except a police report that she perjured herself under oath, simply to protect herself from losing money.

I have provided evidence of paper work, receipts, and letters from a jewerler stating you cannot set a entire setting in less than 1 day to the PayPal disputes department. I have provided PayPal with every bit of proof and documentation they requested, yet my rights are being ignored. Despite PayPal’s insistence of refusing to honor their promises to restore my account to its previous state with a positive balance of 2773.13, it is well known and documented in the law that it is illegal to grant a claim in one party’s favor without performing a full investigation of the matter, in order to reveal proof of any claims being made

Submitted By:: W.SUN

Location: oakland, ca


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