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admin : Tuesday, February 16, 2010, 2:38

PayPal Helped Ebay Seller Rip Me Off

I wish I saw this website before, but I did not so I bought 2 (supposedly) 32 GB flash drives from a seller in China, and after 2 weeks I get both and they are 2 GB drives instead of 32 GB. I contacted the seller and received no reply and opened a dispute with PayPal.

They told me that I have to return the items to the seller, so I paid the $18 postal fee (with tracking) for the package and return the item to the seller.  After 3 weeks I did not get an update from PayPal, so I sent them and email. After arguing with them for 3 days they told me to fax the receipt I had received from the Canada postal service, and so I did.

A couple of days later they said “the information you provided was invalid and we were unable to confirm delivery of the item associated with this claim”. However, all of the shipping information is traceable online (as well as calling the 800 number of Canada post)!

Do not trust PayPal at all for your transactions. Also, never send back any package they tell you to send back, I paid almost $100 and right now I have nothing to show for it.

Submitted By Shawn Shadab


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