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admin : Tuesday, August 3, 2010, 12:42

PayPal Has No Buyer Protection At All

I purchased from an ebay seller three Rowe furniture covers for my sofa and two side chairs. The ebay seller had a rating of over 300 with 100% satisfaction. The seller stated in their description that the shipment would take up to 35 business days to ship. Since they had such good feedback I felt confident that I was going to get the product and that it was merely a matter of time. So I purchased the covers through PayPal using what money I had in my account, and my credit card for the remaining balance.

During that time I noticed that the seller was starting to get all negative feedback, and after 48 days I still had not received the covers. So I filed a dispute for non receipt of goods with PayPal. However, Paypal said that I had exceeded the 45 day dispute limitation and that my complaint was being dismissed. I confronted Pay Pal to complain that if they did indeed have a limit of 45 days for a dispute, then why would they side with a seller stating that they will ship in 35 working days? This by itself would preclude ever being able to start a dispute, because when you add in weekends the 45 days is over before you would even get the product?

Paypal discourages use of a credit card but without it in this case I would have been out the entire $709  due to PayPals lack of buyer support. As it ended up the Credit card company reversed the amount charged through them, but I got screwed by PayPal and Ebay for the balance.

In the end, if I buy anything on E-Bay and decide to use Pay Pal to pay, I will be charging the entire amount on my credit card because Pay Pal has no buyer protection at all.

Submitted By Roy Beighley

One thought on “PayPal Has No Buyer Protection At All
  1. Michelle on

    I ran into similar problems with paypal twice, and I ALWAYS pay with a credit card. Otherwise, I know I’m going to get screwed over by paypal. The first time was a digital camera where they RULED in my favor, yet said the seller had insufficient funds. The seller even TRIED to issue me a refund, but paypal wouldn’t let him.

    The second time was for show tickets which the seller claims to have sent, but never sent any proof. Just beware, paypal screws over everybody.

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