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admin : Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 13:43

Paypal used to be good but now it just attract scammers

Have a merchant account with paypal, but have never had a problem with paypal as far as receiving payments is concerned, but then again that could be because I haven’t sold anything for years as have not been active online lately but thinking of getting back into the game.  My problem with them is this and it’s not only them, and lot of online payment gateways now are doing this .. They are not accepting Visa gift cards as payment for purchases, now paypal, apparently facebook, and others require a real credit card, and access into your bank account which they will never get from me.  This is a big deal for me as I will never use a real credit card online or pay with my bank account, never ever! they can get my finger instead.  Also have read a few horror stories and thank God I read the one about the European artist who was selling her art online and claims that paypal held her funds and closed her account after they made her supply impossible information about her product which she apparently did, but they did not accept and paypal still closed her account.  You can find this story on a message board somewhere (google it) if you already didn’t see it, yeah the artist said that she could not sue paypal, because the laws of Europe only lets you sue actual physical banks apparently, I say poor artist and will think twice about using them, and thank God I do my research before getting involved, paypal may have been good in my day, but it seems not good anymore.  I’m from Canada, I’m never dealing with a company that is not treating our neighbors in Europe fairly, and because they have such a problem with accepting gift cards as payments I will no longer use them  Bring down the giant if you can!


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