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admin : Thursday, April 22, 2010, 12:05

PayPal Freezes Account, Demands Repeat Application

Our company, in business since 1980, submitted an “application” for “Virtual Terminal” merchant services with paypal. They requested a few things such as previous merchant affiliation statements, bank account statements, approximation of monthly volume etc… all were provided and we received “approval” based on that within 48 hours. The marketing rep. was very friendly and responsive. The first 2 weeks, everything was going smoothly. Then suddenly, upon logging in, we find that our account had been frozen. When we inquired, they said that we did not submit the necessary paperwork to be approved! They are holding over $10,000 of our money in our now frozen paypal account. They requested the same paperwork that had already been submitted, but added a request of a “complete list of inventory” of what we sell with pricing. We do not have such a thing and our money continues to be locked up. Next step will be to file a complaint with the state attorney general. Shame on us for not checking the history of problems with paypal. They claim they do everything “for our protection”, but what they do constitutes fraud.

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