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admin : Saturday, April 24, 2010, 17:36

PayPal Freezes Account, Demands Repayment Of Chargeback

Approximately 18 months ago I purchased a camera in my home county Canada payable in US funds. I paid the required amount and subsequently noted that Paypal charged my Visa an extra $64.00. I inquired and was told due to currency fluctuations and I had to pay the additional amount. I asked Visa to investigate. They contacted PayPal and 6 months later they determined that I was correct and they did a $64.00 charge back. PayPal then put a lock on my account. I asked PayPal about this and was told if I paid the charge back they would unfreeze it. This week I attempted to resolve the matter with PayPal and went from person to person to person – over 90 minutes on the phone- I even offered to split the amount. The answer – no. I stated that it was determined by Visa that I was correct.  In PayPal’s eyes, it apparently does not matter what anyone else thinks. What a way to do business.

Submitted By Gord Robinson


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