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: Monday, May 23, 2011, 14:58

PayPal is trying to force me to give them my bank info

I’ve been a paypal user since 2000. On May 11, 2011 PayPal refused to send my payment for an item that I bought on ebay, saying that it was because my account was not verified. The payment was for a meager 1.29 GBP.

I think paypal is trying to force me to switch from using a credit card to using a checking account in order to lower their costs.

I am not going to give my bank account information to PayPal, even if it means that I will never be able to buy anything on eBay again.

Submitted By:: Vladimir

Location: London, UK

3 thoughts on “PayPal is trying to force me to give them my bank info
  1. alwayswatching on

    PayPal did the same thing to me, they denied a $7.95 payment for a small Ebay purchase stating I needed to get “verified” because I had reached a $10,000.00 sending limit since opening the account in 2004, well I added up all the money I sent out over the years and it totaled over $12,000.00, but now here is the real kicker, as they were denying my request to make a $7.95 payment there was a positive balance of over $1000.00 in my PayPal account.

  2. Honestperson on

    I am of exactly the same opinion as you PPC Submitter. I am in the UK, have had a PayPal account for over 4 years and logged my credit card with them as I have never and will never, put my bank details on the net.

    I also -as an individual, sell the odd spare item in my home on EBay (without a single black mark), so, because I have no bank details registered and therefore I cannot transfer the money out, I always have a healthy balance, which I use to pay EBay fees and to fund other online purchases.

    Now they need verification as I am nearing my receiving limit. Because I have just had another clear out at home and want to put some more items up for sale, I thought I would do it straight away. I had an email from them a couple of days ago that says ‘To lift the limits, you are required to: • Set up bank funding or confirm a credit card • Verify your information or Confirm your address’
    Note it says ‘OR confirm a credit card’. When I found no such option available, I queried it with them, expecting them to say it was a glitch in the system.
    The reply was to ask for documents -fine, who am I to query EU money laundering regulations, so although with reservations -as I felt it was pretty demanding and intrusive, I sent them copies of my birth certificate, my driving licence & a council tax bill. That will perfectly enable them to confirm my identity and verify my address.

    Apparently that is not enough. They now are asking for a tax bill or certificate from HMRC which and I quote ‘…must be complete and all information on it fully legible’ . So they now want my National Insurance number too?? ENOUGH, my NI number and bank account details are NOT things I share with ANYONE.

    Now, to add insult to injury, I have received a reply to my original query that says: ‘the steps that were given by my colleague are the steps to lift your receiving limit however part of that process is having a verified PayPal account. To verify your account you will need to add and confirm your bank account.’ So all the hoops they have made me jump through were for nothing.

    If they are really only trying to minimise fraud, why don’t they insist on address verification and proof of identity when people first register? Now I am an established customer, have built up a flawless track record over 4 years without default and with my account in credit of over £1,000, they want me to provide them with enough personal information to allow identity theft?
    If I was using a stolen credit card, don’t they think the credit card company would have noticed before now? They are using EU money laundering regulations as an excuse for gathering personal information well in excess of what is really necessary.
    They can verify my address and identity well enough with the information that they already have and for them to suggest otherwise is frankly insulting my intelligence. They also have over £1,000 of my money, which they will not transfer to my credit card account, only to a bank account. This is nothing short of bully tactics and feels like blackmail.

    So it’s bye bye EBay sales for me -and unless someone at PayPal with a brain contacts me (I shan’t hold my breath), bye bye PayPal. I shall find an alternative place to sell my goods, an alternative online money transfer facility and simply spend the PayPal balance online until it has all gone.

    I am NOT a number!!!!!

  3. coop on

    I have just left PayPal after being an excellent customer for several years. They now claim they must have my banking info to “verify” my identity. I offered to fax them a copy of my driver’s license and proof of residence, but they refused. I told them the whole point in using their service was id protection and relative anonymity. It is clear that their reasons for this alleged need to verify who I am after all these years are suspicious and nefarious. They are trying to get hold of my most sensitive info and/or trying to palm off their credit card on me. They get you used to the ease of using PayPal for transactions and then throw this at you. Well I will never give them this info or apply for their credit card. This is supreme bait and switch, and I hope the masses will quit acting like sheep and dump these creeps. May they go the way of the dinosaurs and take their new owner EBAY with them.

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