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: Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 13:53


I purchased a key to activate MS Office 2013 from an eBay USA seller who sent me an invalid code. I contacted Microsoft who told me I am a victim of piracy. I opened a non-receipt dispute with PayPal who automatically contacted the seller asking for a tracking number. The seller said he had emailed it to me. I complained many many times that I never received a valid key and Microsoft had even given me written evidence that the seller is a thief. Eventually they changed the case to “not as described” they didnt even ask to see the evidence and didnt give me an option on my account to send them the evidence. Today got an email saying they decided in favour of the seller because the goods were intangible. They have not given me any option to appeal on my PayPal account. I have tried to contact them by email but they just dont answer any of my questions just send me a draft response to call them on the 0870 number. As this is a very expensive number in the UK to call on my mobile I have called twice and each time I have been put on hold until after 10 minutes I have to give up because of the cost. If anyone can give me some advice I would be grateful.

Submitted By:: Jill Ashton

Location-: Surrey, UK


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