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admin : Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 14:07

Paypal extortion

Paypal repeatedly trying to extort paypal account signup from new ebayers. Ebayers prevented from using checkout smoothly. System @ paypal set up, to bill 0.00 telling viewer on screen “payment declined” in red, not true. Then get a phonecall utilizing time to sell caller on paypal account signup. Many lies told during 1 week use of ebay, via paypal reps. “guest checkout limited to 15 times”, negates web statement “paypal signup optional”. System geared if use card more than 1 time 24 hours, to say “please use different acct” OR, “declined” (false). Ebay checkout cart programmed similarly. Making 200 dollar purchase of small items, “broke up” purchase into 3 parts, guaranteed to fail since card can only be used 1x 24 hours, making sale a 3 day ordeal of partial payments by force. This is a scheme by paypal to have every bidders money flow thru paypal, NOT subject to bank regulations, no bank like protection for the user. We are irate after numerous phonecalls just to complete sales that took many hours of careful research to find the best deals for needed craft supplies etc.


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