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Exchange rate ripoff with PayPal

I had a Paypal balance which was in US funds. I’m Canadian. I just bought 3 items in US funds and Ebay also posts my buying price in CAD. However Paypal converts my balance back to CAD then to US$ … Continue reading



Hi everyone. has been over 6months i am working to make 22,640.00 usd. when it converte to EURO, it Gives me 16,750EURO. when i checked EXCHANGE RATE WEBSITE, I FOUND OUT THAT 22,640.00 COULD GIVE ME IN EURO 17.525.00 EURO. … Continue reading


Currency conversion left me short

Hi, I am astounded. I have used paypal for 5 years, I did a currency conversion of 1000gbp to Euro. After the conversion I had a balance of 2030GBP. After the conversion I had a balance of 1979GBP. I contacted … Continue reading


Secure? I think not.

Someone from Italy accessed my Paypal account and requested over US$1,000 to be transferred in AUD (Australian Dollars). Now I’m in a holding pattern with bank, Paypal and pending overdraft fees. How does this happen on a secure and supposedly … Continue reading


Difference in Currency Conversion

PayPal converted my 1920 USD to INR and then back to USD and the result had been that I lost USD $127.4 as the money reversed was just 1792 $. I emailed the customer support so many times, but no … Continue reading


PayPal arbitrarily charged me exchange costs

I am Italian but I live and work in south Asia. I recently bought equipment worth $3,650 USD from USA. Since I did not want to overload one single credit card, in agreement with the seller I split the payment into … Continue reading

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Exchange Rate Scam

Ok so just like many of you, I have used PayPal for years. And even though the AUD is gaining steam over the USD these days, it seems Paypal is ignoring this fact. Many times I have purchased items when says … Continue reading

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Charged Unnecessary PayPal Currency Conversion Fee

I bought an item from an online merchant that allowed me to choose purchase prices in either USD or CAD. Since I am in Canada, I chose CAD. The amount came to $89.42 CAD, and I received an invoice from … Continue reading

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PayPal Exchange Rate Rip-Off

Waiting to have some money returned from the UK to Adelaide, the payer suggested we transfer on PayPal to save on banking fees. With fees at GBP15.50 it still wasn’t cheap, but I agreed it seemed the most convenient way. … Continue reading