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: Friday, April 6, 2012, 13:38

Paypal encouraged me to go through with sale to scammer

So this is what happened. I had an item for sale on ecrater, a watch for $1400 – someone bought it without even asking questions … obviously it sounded odd to me. I tried contacting through the buyer many times, he responded only after a few days from the same email associated to his paypal account saying he was very interested in the watch and couldn’t wait to receive it.I was still skeptical as the phone number he provided me belonged to a random store’s fax number, I tracked down the store’s phone number and they didn’t seem to know the buyer at all.I was still skeptical so I called paypal to ask some information about the buyer, they confirmed me he had a good paypal history and the paypal rep told me that if he were me he would have mailed the watch. I still wasn’t sure, so I emailed the buyer again asking for a phone number, this number he gave me a real one.At this point I called Paypal one more time to confirm how I was protected as a seller, they told me that as long as I had a tracking number and insurance on the package I will be protected as a seller although she failed to mention that I needed also a signature. They finally convinced me and I shipped the item. almost a month later I get a dispute on the watch claiming it was an unauthorized transaction. It took Paypal less that 48 hours to disregards all the proof documentation I sent them and reverse the transaction in favor of the fraudolent buyer who is now the owner of a $1400 watch for FREE.
I tried calling the buyer but when he realized who I was he hung up the phone on me, which is a typical guilty behavior.Any chance I can get my money back somehow? Paypal claims I now protected under the seller protection policy as the buyer’s address was not verified + I had no signature on the package (SO WHO CARES? I have proof that the package arrived and was delivered) Any suggestions on how to proceed ? I am not giving up on my money. I knew the guy had bad intentions, the paypal reps convinced me to go through with the sale.
I am gonna report a mail fraud and report the guy to the local police station …

Submitted By:: Mila Winston

Location-: Saint Louis, MO


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