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admin : Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 14:08

PayPal has effectively destroyed my good name!


I have a ebay and pay pal account up until the 14th of October I was listed on ebay as above standard in business dealings. Then all of a sudden Ebay and pay pal both put restrictions on my accounts wanting proof I owned what I was selling, Proof of who I am, Proof of my bank account, proof of my business name, proof of my address, proof beyond proof and I provided all of it now why did they need it after all I have been a member of both for over a year I have no idea but I provided it.

Ebay lifted restriction within a day of receiving the faxes but pay pal still as of 25 October have not lifted the restriction! Now people are pissed at me calling me a liar and even worse on ebay all because of pay pal I have not been able to get paid from pay pal and all my customers are saying BS that paypal pays within days. Further I can not issue refunds because pay pal has my account on restrictions totally unacceptable behavior and Pay Pal has effectively destroyed my good name! What a night mare I wish I never used pay pal and for that matter ebay but I thought they were both good boy was I wrong now I need to find a different auction that has the following of ebay but heck I don’t even know where to start as far as pay pal I will never use them again!


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