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admin : Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 13:27

Can’t use Paypal or eBay

I was out of country then my account has been hacked , I changed the password and when I came back I found a negative balance of $1280 , I called customer service and they promised me that they will reinstate my account if I pay the fees , I did , after they took the money and they were still on the phone , they said that you will no longer can use our service , my account still limited and frozen till now for up to 1 year , the other problem is , my ebay account , it got suspended too , with no negative fees , when I log in to my suspended account , they ask me to solve the case on paypal which the decision there cannot apeal , I got tired of that and I am trying from year ago to close this case so I can use ebay with my wife’s account . I have tried every thing and done all that was asked of me and I still can’t use paypal or ebay.


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