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: Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 14:10

Paypal & Ebay insurance is just a scam

I bought an external hard drive on ebay, the price was incredibly low and over one hundred persons had joined the band. One hour or two after the transaction I received a message from Ebay telling me not to pay for that order. At once I send a message to paypal to tell them about it. They answer that they could do nothing about it . A credit card co. can cancel a transaction after such short delay, but paypal can’t. After a while, a couple of days, they said that the seller had given then a tracking number and that they where watching the case for me. I never received the number. That is all, except for two or three messages telling me that they where still watching. At the end of the legal period they told me that the case was closed. two days prior to that message I had received a very small package from china with no details and all in Chinese containing two plastic pearls. I didn’t make the connection and reported it to paypal with no result. Paypal as no power at all they can’t even cancel a transaction after a couple of hours. Their insurance is like the product that fouled me, to good to be true, paypal Ebay insurance is just a scam. I’m sure that the other hundred persons or so that got cut would tell you the same thing.

Submitted By:: Ariel

Location-: Fairmount


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