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admin : Thursday, July 17, 2014, 14:27

No help from paypal due to being passed 45 days of sale

let me start off saying I love your website and thank you for providing everything!! I have been a Paypal/Ebay user for over 10 years for personal and business. I even purchased a 30k car from Ebay a few years back. I’ve had problems with both Ebay and Paypal in the past for small amounts of money (less than $50).

I purchased items for my store through a company in China and everything was went smoothly. It took 35 days for the merchandise to arrive and I was out of town for a week. When I got back I posted the items to sell and after the first two items sold I was told they were defective. I contacted the company and they told me I could return the items for a refund but I would have to pay for shipping. I was ok with that because I spent $800 and losing $90 was better than $800. I returned the items back to china which took a couple weeks and I still have not received a refund a month later. I decided to contact Paypal and they gave me the “It’s been pass 45 days so there is nothing we can do” excuse and even told me I should have gone through them to file a claim before I returned the merchandise! I honestly didn’t feel I needed to at the time because the seller was being responsive. Now Paypal refuses to help me and I am out $800+$100 shipping.

I’m really upset because the only reason Paypal would not refund me is because of the 45 day rule which is ridiculous when dealing with international trade. Sometimes it takes 30-45 just to receive the merchandise.

Do you have any suggestions because I’m ready to go to small claims court and sue them! I have emails from the company, confirmation of delivery, and even a letter stating they were going to refund my money.


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