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: Thursday, May 10, 2012, 19:40

PAYPAL dont care they just look for a moment to freeze your money!!!

Horrible experience!!! i had paypal for over 3 years….i sold many stuff from baby products to electronics…i also bought tons of stuff from baby stuff to electronics….i even sold my car there!!! I never had a problem besides holding my money for 21 days…but i got used to it….i have 100% from Ebay. After all this one day i see an email from paypal my account being limited!!! i picked up the phone and called them..their answer was that my account has been linked with another account that dont have good history with them so they are limiting my account forever…wtf??? i never had another account…i tried explaining to them, talked to even a manager….no explanation for more details…just kept saying that they cant release the particular reason….i spoke to few ppl and at the end i got pissed and i told them to close amy account completely because since they oviosly dont want me as a customer i dont want them to continue having my personal info like bank acct,credit card acct etc…the woman from paypal told me ok and ill receive confirmation email within 24-48hrs…its been 3 months and they havent closed my acct…i just logged in to it and the as*****s even have my SSN on file and my tax ID on file….what on earth…..who do i just get them to forget abt my information and about me????

Submitted By:: gg

Location-: newark,de


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