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: Thursday, April 11, 2013, 13:47

Paypal doesn’t even pretend to care about their sellers

A customer complained that an item had arrived damaged, although she did not insure it I said I would refund her money no problems. She however wanted a partial refund of 33% plus she wanted to keep the item. I said no. This went to Paypal and although she won the case it was only for a refund and she had to return the item in good condition, which is what I had been offering all along.
The customer sent the item back so badly packed that further damage was inevitable. I thought that this was a spiteful action and appealed, followed all the instructions from Paypal -my appeal was dismissed (they had asked the customer if she had done this – she said no and they beleived her!!) I said that I had photos as proof – paypal not interested. After I made a fuss they said I could appeal but would have to get a statutory declaration signed by the police. I spent the next couple of hours doing this – guess what ‘we cannot change our decision’ can a Company really care so little for it’s customers?
So angry that my voice is not being heard.

Submitted By:: Jane Keller

Location-: L.A

One thought on “Paypal doesn’t even pretend to care about their sellers
  1. s bell on

    sold a preowned designer bag at a great price, buyer lied, paypal told her to return it within 3 wks, or case would close in my favor, 2 days after 3weeks ended case not closed, thats false advertising paypal lied as much as the buyer

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