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admin : Thursday, March 13, 2014, 11:47

PayPal disputes are very unfair to sellers

PayPal stole $423 from my account because an eBay buyer claimed that the radio controlled car I sent him was “Not as Described” because it didn’t run. I listed it as used, AS-IS No Returns. PayPal found in his favor and stole the money from my account and then froze it. They said I had to prove that it wasn’t broken and that the buyer damaged it and stole parts off it, which I did. They then told me that the information I provided wasn’t good enough, and that I needed a “professional” to sign a notarized paper saying I didn’t receive the car back in the condition I sent it, and that it was missing parts. WTF??!! This buyer was also doing the same thing to two other sellers that he bought RC cars from at the same time he was doing it to me!! I am going to sue PayPal in small claims court for the money.

One thought on “PayPal disputes are very unfair to sellers
  1. Tom on

    good, sue the hell out of them, i’m a victim too, screw PayPal

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