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: Friday, October 26, 2012, 9:31

Paypal didn’t accept my debit card but then took money from it

I was trying to make a paypal account and I was giving them the information about my debit card. It didn’t accept the debit card info 3 times and then suddenly a message pop up saying they need to verify if I was really the owner of the card and need to charge 100 php. Ok I got scared and called my bank if there was 100 pesos deducted by paypal and they said YES! OKAY so first of all it did not accept my card saying it has an invalid number but then it was able to minus an amount. What a trick! I then cancelled my account and swear to never risk my debit card on paypal scam again! If it is this complicated to sign up what’s the rest of the paypal experience going to be like? They just take money without authorizing first.

Submitted By:: Maria

Location-: Philippines

One thought on “Paypal didn’t accept my debit card but then took money from it
  1. Yani on

    Paypal will steal your money! And with you they started right away. No point in wasting any time. Die you ever get that money back? I know it’s not a lot but that doesnt matter. Paypal took $500 from me and I never got it back. Tried everything.

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