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: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 9:40

Paypal did not rule in my favor

I made a big mistake, I purchased my wedding dress from overseas and I know the horror stories of doing that so I feel like an idiot. Received the dress after the company promised me that I would receive it by a certain date well I did not receive it till “AFTER” my wedding including poor quality and 3 sizes too big. I went back and forth with seller but all they wanted was to reimburse me 1/2 of what I paid unless I paid 134.00 to return it and they would reimburse the entire amount. The dress cannot be resold it is irrepairable!!! I filed a dispute and they sent the usual email recommending that I accept their offer which I felt was totally unfair. Well, just received that they did not decide in my favor. What a pi**-poor scam company. I sent them a nasty letter telling them I WOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN, EVER! So basically, I was ripped off not once, but TWICE!!! THEY SUCK, THEY SUCK, THEY SUCK!!

Submitted By:: Jenny Smith

Location-: Hilton Head

2 thoughts on “Paypal did not rule in my favor
  1. Vicki on

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and you can chalk it up to lesson learned. That is aweful though that a business would take an important date like your wedding day and send you something they KNOW cannot be used per your order. That is just wrong. Had you used a visa/mastercard you could have charged back and been protected thru your credit card. Any business that sells products with paypal as only method of payment is a business that I don’t trust.

  2. suzanne on

    nobody should mess with a brides wedding day. I hope your day turned out great even without this dress. Don’t accept their offer. You should get ALL of your money back. See if you can appeal their decision because it is crap. Paypal is crap. I am so fed up with them. As soon my money is released, whenever that may be, I am closing my account.

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