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admin : Friday, June 5, 2015, 13:50

PayPal is demanding we pay off someone else negative balance

We have been trying for the past couple of months to clear up a fraud issue with PayPal. Our business Paypal account was linked to a fraudulent account from 7 years ago. After researching the issue and how this could possibly happen we discovered that the person responsible was convicted and sentenced in Hernando County. We provided all the documentation to prove this issue, yet Paypal still refuses to unlink the accounts with their explanation being that it is “friendly fraud” because we knew of the person. They are holding all the payments in our business paypal account until we agree to cover the charges on the other persons account, we refuse to do this since it has nothing to do with our business account. We have tried to resolve this issue with Paypal but they simple will not release our funds. Apparently the accounts were linked via address comparisons, which highly alarmed us.

We only use paypal as a means for our customers to purchase event tickets. We are now asking our customers to initiate a reversal on their paypal transaction, because we are not receiving the funds for the services that our customers have purchased. We believe it to be very unfair that Paypal is holding us responsible for something we had nothing to do with because their computer systems somehow linked information from seven years ago. We have not been paid for the items our customers have purchased and feel they shouldn’t be able to keep the funds.

We understand that our customers are just as innocent in this matter as we are so we have continued to provide the services to each of our customers that have used Paypal as a method of payment, even though we have not actually received payment for the service.

So, we are asking our customers to initiate a reversal with paypal for the amount that you spent on Tickets. Simply state “items were not received” Again we will provide and have provided the service our customers have purchased, but we think it highly unfair that Paypal is keeping the money for a service that we are providing to our customers and we are not receiving payment for it.

We have exhausted all means with Paypal to resolve this matter and we are shocked that a company can actually get away with just taking funds from innocent businesses.

We would much rather our customers hard earned money go back in their pockets than be held in Paypals. We are not asking our customers to return payment to us, if they are able to initiate the reversal, we’d like to consider it a gift.

Paypal actually told us that if we dont agree to use the funds in our now locked account to pay off the other personals debt, then they will just keep the funds locked for 18 months and then they will have the right to take the funds regardless.


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