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: Monday, December 13, 2010, 18:17

PayPal Debits Checking Account Twice Causing NSF

PayPal has taken funds from my checking account twice. I purchased an item and did not have funds in my account to cover it. Therefore, I did a funds transfer to cover the item and was told by the PayPal operator that the issue was handled and my item had been paid in full.

Later when I looked at my bank account, I saw that PayPal had debited my account for the same transaction a second time by resubmitting the NSF item.

The first time I called PayPal customer service, I was on hold for 30 minutes. The second time I was hung up on after holding for 45 minutes. The operator I talked with admitted that the extra funds where not supposed to be debited from my account and told me to contact my bank. When I asked to talk with a supervisor, which is apparently a joke to them, I was laughed at.

I will be getting a pre paid credit card for anymore purchases with them. NOT A GOOD PLACE IF YOU WANT TO TALK TO SOMEONE.

Submitted By:: Pam Bishop

Location: Spencer, WV


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