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admin : Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 13:43

PayPal Debits Account After Bank Refunds

In January of 2010 PayPal allowed a direct debit of £531 to be withdrawn from my personal bank account. When I eventually managed to talk to someone at PayPal, they seemed unconcerned and said that if this was a mistake the money would be paid back. This was totally unacceptable to me so I contacted my bank directly. During this time there was no contact with PayPal, other than me emailing and calling them to get an answer as to how this could happen. Because someone had obviously managed to gain access to my bank details, I had to close my personal bank account and open a new one.  With all the stress and inconvinience that comes with this (ie: changing income and out going deatils) it turned out to be a nightmare. Again no contact, explanation or apology from PayPal. However, once my bank managed to refund my money, suddenly the emails and phone calls from PayPal started! Because my bank refunded me, PayPal put my account with them in arrears by £531. PayPal harressed me by phone and email until I paid this money back, and were not prepared to listen or take into consideration the facts behind the case; The fact that someone else took this money in the first place. Despite my asking on numerous occasions, no one contacted me to offer me an explanation, advise on who could take this matter further or steps to take for a complaints procedure. Who do you complain to about PayPal? My bank doesn’t even seem to know.

Submitted By Coles


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