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admin : Friday, January 14, 2011, 11:39

PayPal Not Following Up On Credit Card Fraud

I tried to use my Paypal account but was told that my credit card was linked to another account. I was seriously worried about this as I have no other account linked to the credit card.

I wrote to customer service about this. An automated message told me to call them, but when I called I was placed into a voice-activated phone tree that was so useless I had to give up—none of the options would put me through to a human.

I then emailed PayPal again and got an automated response that basically ignored my issue. When I replied I received an email back from “Moises” ( who also ignored my inquiry.  Once again I responded only to find that they had blocked my emails.

Someone has got my credit card on their account, and all of my emails to PayPal are now being bounced! Paypal is just SO not interested.

Submitted By:: RW

Location: San Francisco


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