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: Monday, January 24, 2011, 8:27

PayPal needs 3 year old code to verify credit card

Because I used the same credit card when I signed up some years ago, PayPal wanted me to verify the card by referring to a code sent in an e-mail in 2008. Who even has the same computer they had 3 years ago? After being sent in circles for several days, I finally talked to a real person who said, “Just use a different credit card.”

Why didn’t they tell me I had that option in the first place?

Submitted By:: JLR

Location: BRIDGMAN, MI

One thought on “PayPal needs 3 year old code to verify credit card
  1. Doug on

    Paypal will not accept US dollars from other than US residents to settle a transaction. Non US residents who wish to pay using a US$ denominated credit card cannot do so. Non US residents who may have a bank account in the US will not be accepted as a member if they have a non US address.

    Each Paypal transaction is translated into US dollars at the cost of appx 2% (for currency conversion). This adds to the cost of doing business for those non residents who may be sitting on quantities of US$. It has the effect of dampening demand for Paypal and Ebay usage. It is tantamount corporate form of shooting oneself in the foot.
    It is also parochial thinking on the part of management. Commercial balances between companies or divisions of companies operating in different countries do not settle accounts in this way – nor do soverign states.

    So here is a joke. Ques. When is a US$ not a US$. Ans. At Paypal/Ebay.

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