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: Wednesday, January 25, 2012, 13:26

Paypal closed my account with no chance of appeal

I had been using eBay selling DVDs for about 3 years. In August 2011 I started selling a particular exercise equipment. Within 1 month, PayPal had limited my account then closed it with no chance of appeal!

I have now lost my PayPal account and my eBay account!

This is so unfair!

I barely managed to sell 20 of these exercise equipment and PayPal close my account?! Why?! They are genuine and I provided them with invoices from the UK dealer I bought he items from!

Go to hell eBay/PayPal!

Oh and did I mention they still hold in excess of £1500 of my money in the locked PayPal account?

Submitted By:: K. Al-Allak

Location-: Derby

One thought on “Paypal closed my account with no chance of appeal
  1. Naomi Heyworth on

    They did this to me today and kept my money in the account. I only ever sell shoes on ebay and buy mainly from ebay sellers. They said my account is linked with another 7 im too high risk 7 can never use them again. they would not give me any other reason. I felt like a criminal when i have done nothing wrong. I wonder how many other people they have done this to and kept their money…isnt this THEFT ON THEIR PART??? Surely this must be illegal!

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