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: Wednesday, October 31, 2012, 10:47

Paypal closed my account out of the blue

I have had 100% positive ratings on ebay for the couple years i’ve been on there. no chargebacks. no customer complaints. no negative feedback. As soon as i listed some dropshipping items there were pricey. they froze my account. After talking with them on the phone and emails a manager called me on the phone. SHe said we were to “part ways” (hopefully it means i go to heaven and they go to hell…lol). THis means that I can never use paypal again and as a result if your paypal account is linked to ebay then you can never sell on ebay again either! So i packed up shop and moved to amazon and have done quite well. For ebay transactions or paypal I just use my wife’s account, but most of anything i do is now with amazon. I also am looking to pack up shop form amazon as well because of the high fees (around 30% as a total fee from your sale price is highway robbery!)

Submitted By:: Lennard

Location-: Denver Colorado

One thought on “Paypal closed my account out of the blue
  1. Christian on

    Paypal is totally going to hell if there is any justice in this world. They told me that hey wanted to minimize disruptions to my business but they had to part ways with me. What bull! They closed my account for reasons I have no idea of and refused to listen to me. I realized that this is not a company that I would like to continue doing business with anyway so the hell with them.

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