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admin : Saturday, August 28, 2010, 13:26

PayPal Closes Account After Applying For Debit Card

Before you can apply for the PayPal debit card, PayPal requires that your account be open for at least 60 days. So, I applied for the PayPal debit card as soon as the required 60 days had passed. During the application process, PayPal asked for verification of my business address, so I sent them a bank statement.

The next morning, I received an email saying that they had closed my PayPal account. Not only did they close my account, but they froze my funds as well. I have a small business and I need that money to operate, and they tell me they can hold it for up to 180 days.

I did everything right, and didn’t do anything wrong. But because PayPal couldn’t verify the address, which i still cant understand, they closed my account and froze my funds. If u ask me,  PayPal is the one doing the scamming.

Submitted By KP

One thought on “PayPal Closes Account After Applying For Debit Card
  1. dot on

    I went round that track over and over too. I finally had had enough and looked at the clock and told the nitwit on the phone that at so n so time and date that paypal was officially in breech of contract. That did it, they sent a check. Or at least they say they did.

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