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admin : Thursday, February 6, 2014, 11:01

PayPal cleaned out my checking account

Wondering if anyone else had this happen to them? On Sunday I went online to pay my debts after payday, and paid a portion of my PayPal “Bill Me Later” balance. Last night I went to the grocery store & when I tried to use my credit unions’s debit card, the transaction wouldn’t go through I and found my checking account was completely wiped out. Apparently PayPal decided I should pay off my entire balance, leaving me with almost nothing for the rest of the month. When I called them this morning, I was told they would put the amount back into my account, but not until “tomorrow at the latest” because it was still “processing.” Very curious, since it was done on Sunday and this is Thursday. Oh, the brave new world of cutting edge technology! I asked them if they’d call my credit union in the meantime letting them know what happened, and of course they won’t. Lovely people. In the meantime, my checks are bouncing all over the place and Paypal has my money.


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