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: Saturday, June 2, 2012, 21:44

Paypal cheats peopel

PayPal cheats peopel. In 2007 I was a seller on eBay, chose the money order and personal check payment method as how I got paid, but was bothered by PayPal because PayPal could not get the PayPal service commission from it if the seller chose not to use PayPal. I did not sign up for PayPal after all the pressure PayPal had given. The transaction between the buyers and me went smoothly after the eBay collected its commissions from my sell. But paypal wanted the commissions from every seller also. Since I did not sign up on paypal, PayPal got mad at, went on its own to create an eBay seller PayPal account by using my eBay account email, my name, address, phone# (paypal did not get my bank account & credit card information as by the law, they are under protected) without my knowledge, then placed the amount of dollar that I sold on eBay under it, then, called me to collect my sell on PayPal, said all I have to do is to sign up on PayPal, within a minute I will get my money. I ignored all the PayPal messages because PayPal was doing the cheating as both I and the buyers were not using the PayPal. When PayPal finally saw there was nothing paypal could do to get me to sign up on PayPal, then went on to write the amount of dollar that I sold on eBay as the negative dollar on paypal system, extorted me to pay paypal money to have the negative paypay system to write off. Since I never signed up on paypal, I just said to paypal, you don’t cheat people in this way.

In 2012 I got on eBay again, by now, there is no other choices but is forced to sign up on paypal. Paypal finally gets the chance to come after me by blackmail me to pay paypal money to have my negative paypal account write off from my financial history. I said, I never had a paypal account in my life till now I have just signed it up for the first time in my life, where could I get a negative paypal account, and I am being extored to pay paypal to have the negative dollar to write off? Paypal then tried again to extort me to pay, I said, no. Then paypal changed a way to do it, asked to write an identity thief on my newly signed up paypal, saying if I agree someone had my identity stolen in the past, so paypal can have my newly signed up paypal account negative written off, so paypal could allow me to use paypal, I said, no, as I can’t help paypal to do the cheating. Then I get the email from paypal:

“What’s the problem? We noticed one or more of the following problems:
1. You provided information that we believe was false, inaccurate, or misleading; or
2. You sent or received money that was potentially related to fraudulent activity; or
3. You have more than one account with a negative balance; or
4. You are in violation of the User Agreement, the Commercial Entity Agreement, the Acceptable Use Policy, or another agreement you have with PayPal. Our decision was based on terms outlined in these agreements.”

Submitted By:: Chingching

Location-: Indianapolis In

2 thoughts on “Paypal cheats peopel
  1. Steve on

    You better believe PayPal cheats people. They cheat people often and outrageously. It literally blows my mind at what they do to people and yet they still make big time bank! The lesson you can walk away with is that although they make you BELIEVE you have no other choice but Paypal to sell on eBay..that is completly wrong. You have options they just don’t want you to know. Using a merchant account is by far better than using PayPal to sell items on eBay. Paypal sucks don’t be fooled by those fools…people DO have other choices for money transactions and they are better and safer. check it out

  2. Manny Sulpers on

    Pay lies, cheats, and steals. They closed my account after a 10 year business relationship with them. Apparetnly my items that sold wonderfully for years upon years were all of a sudden a liability to them. I dont understand them. Anyways, I opened a merchant account and it has been ok so far, I’m an old dog and dont like to learn new things but anything is better than working with paypal.

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