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: Thursday, May 5, 2011, 12:30

Paypal charged my credit card for my son’s eBay fees

I had a nasty shock in my latest credit card statement: an unexpected £150 charged by Paypal for eBay fees. Although I have an eBay account, I’ve never listed anything and so I got onto eBay, who denied taking the money.

I then contacted Paypal, who were unhelpful and couldn’t seem to get it into their heads that the transaction wasn’t anything to do with my Paypal account and that they’d taken money from me for someone else’s liability.

I got in touch with my credit card company, who said that they could draw back the amount but would charge for this unless I could prove the transaction was fraudulent.

Later that day I mentioned this issue to my son, who said that he’d recently been charged a roughly equivalent amount in Australian dollars. He checked his Paypal account and discovered the amount had been charged to a credit card with the same last four digits as mine! He says that when he checked the registered payment methods on his Paypal account that my card was not listed.

We concluded the most likely scenario was:

Two or three years ago, my son didn’t have a credit card and wanted some stuff off eBay. So I used my credit card to make a one-off purchase via Paypal while logged on to his eBay account. My son’s now moved to Australia and has an eBay business. He has a secondary bank account so that Paypal doesn’t have access to his main account, and he keeps very little in that secondary account. When eBay charged him for his latest batch of listings, there must have been insufficient funds in his Paypal account and the linked bank account. So we can only conclude that eBay must have linked his personal account with his business account and then got Paypal to go back through the transactions on his personal eBay account to find a payment method from which they could extract the money owed. Unfortunately, they took the money from the wrong person and made an unauthorized (probably fraudulent) charge against my credit card.

My son apologized and transferred the money into my Paypal account. However, I then found out that I can’t actually access the money as my Paypal account isn’t verified and it seems I have to open my own secondary bank account and get that verified before Paypal will give me my money.

Submitted By:: GL

Location: Cornwall, UK


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