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: Tuesday, October 30, 2012, 11:55

Paypal changed my shipping address

Paypal SUCKS. I just closed my account. I’m tired of the BS they give. I’ve had nothing but problems with them. But this last episode will be my last. A Seller that I did business with shipped the product I purchased to my HOME address, even though I clearly put the correct shipping address on the Seller’s website. But Paypal took it upon themselves to substitute my desired shipping address with my HOME address! When I tried to rectify the situation, the took up for the SELLER, and said they cannot nor will not help me. So I guess it is MY fault for them changing the correct shipping address with my home address. Un-freaking-believable. They are arrogant and I’ve hated them from DAY ONE. Let’s put these miserable SOBs out of business.

Submitted By:: Matthew G

Location-: Palm Springs

One thought on “Paypal changed my shipping address
  1. diana gitz on

    If your home address is your verified address then that is the address that paypal is going to have the package sent to. Paypal strongly urge people to not send to unverified addresses due to scams buyers pull.

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