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: Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 13:11

Paypal can’t get my payment source right and it’s costing me

I had bought a product from eBay, but what happened was an accident, I have been trying to delete a bank account for ages which I no longer use, I had added another bank account it accepted the account but still did not allow me to delete the old account, so when I accidentally had pressed instant pay it went and paid for the item through my old account, I knew it wasn’t going to go through so I informed the seller the next day they had thought that the money was there, so by the 19th I had gone back into paypal and paid the seller through my credit card. Because the bank had taken a week to come to PayPal I assumed it would iron itself out.

No from since last week PayPal has been stalking me they had told me I have a minus on my account, they had told me that they had paid for the item because I had no funds to pay for it in my account, I told them I was aware of the account and told them they need to delete the account because of the problems it had caused me. I told them they had no right to go and pay something without consulting me and without my agreement, I asked why they didn’t they check my account before paying for something that I didn’t agree to in the first place they would of seen that I had already paid for the amount. Now they want me to go to the company and ask back for PayPal money when I had no acknowledgement that they paid the seller and the seller has received money twice the second payment has nothing to do with me and I will not be doing PayPal’s dirty work. I put in a dispute they rejected it, I contact consumer helpline for PayPal they had told to go further if they don’t comply. I spoken to them today and they are still saying the same thing. What consumer helpline has told they was not to pay for that and they are only a money transfers they have crossed the line and breached the conditions they are not to cross over to loans and overdrafts and without my acknowledgement.

Submitted By:: Bev

Location-: Virginia


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