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admin : Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 13:52

PayPal is taking buyers side and ignoring me

I sold a brand new item and buyer paid by paypal, they have then claimed it got damaged in the post and raised a claim with paypal, I offered buyer full refund if they returned item which they refused to do but paypal have taken my money back so have no item and no money. Paypal send me a barrage of responses from buyer but have not replied to any of my emails to them, The buyer has altered the item also and has demanded I PAY FOR THE ALTERATION!! What can I do if paypal ignore me and how do they get away with letting buyers scam an honest seller?? If this is how they run their business I am going to have to find an alternative. I can’t afford to give my stuff away for free if that was the case I would start a charity.


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